Disconnect to Reconnect

Three-day outdoor excursion coupled with an introspective program to take a break from your routine and help you reconnect with yourself, with others, and with nature. 

Who is this for?

You feel stuck, busy, disconnected from yourself. Trapped in a routine that is “ok”. Yet, you know it drags you down slowly, bit by bit.

You want to change, but you don’t know where to start.

You know there is more to life. A purpose, an inner calling. But you don’t know how to unlock it.

Zooming out to see what is happening beyond the thoughts in your head can save you from a world of pain. This is where OneLifeExcursions come in.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Join us for an exclusive nature excursion in an intimate group setting of up to 8 people. 

Our powerful program combines physical activity in a breathtaking natural environment, introspection and authentic connection with yourself and others.

This journey will gently push you to the boundaries of your comfort zones — physically, mentally, and emotionally — fostering an environment for transformative self-discovery and deep, authentic connections.

What will you be going through?

  • A long hike in pristine nature that will open your mind, prime your heart, and connect you to your inner self.
  • Small group and individual exercises where you will place your life in perspective, encountering your past, present, and future self.
  • Form an intimate bond with your group and align your mind, body, and soul through integrated elements of parts work, breath work, teamwork, and self-work.
  • A safe and supportive environment to facilitate transformation, change and integration.

Exclusive Excursions in Switzerland and Bali

Switzerland Raw Wild Camp Excursion
  • Stunning Mountain Hike
  • Transformative Workshops
  •  Wild Camping (self supported)
  • Campfire Meals
  • Accessible from Zurich Airport
Date: July 21 – 23, 2024
Switzerland Comfort Hut Excursion
  • Stunning Mountain Hike
  • Transformative Workshops
  • Sleep in Cozy Mountain Hut
  • Catered Meals
  • Accessible from Zurich Airport
 Date: July 28 – 30, 2024
Bali (Indonesia) Serene Jungle Excursion
  • Jungle or Volcano Hike
  • Transformative Workshops
  •  Sleep in Serene Retreat Resort
  • Catered Meals
  • Accessible from Denpasar Airport
Date: January 12 – 14, 2024

What people say about working with our guides?

You bring a lot of positive drive and energy to every group and are able to inspire and motivate others to contribute in working sessions and workshops.
I learned a great deal from you, about how to back myself more and structure & move through challenging situations. What you did so well was bringing the impartial observer, who captured questions, made observations, probed a little and encouraged both more digging and acceptance.

Meet your guides

Georg Tanner

A former corporate innovation leader turned certified coach with extensive experience in innovation, personal and professional development. Georg facilitated dozens of workshops to help hundreds of people and teams navigate change.

He left his corporate job in 2021 to move to Bali with his family and pursue a path more aligned with his inner calling.

Always a lover of outdoor sports, Georg is an avid mountain biker and trail runner and has finished three Ultramarathons.

Georges Janssens

As an expert (PhD) in aging, he uses the confrontation of mortality as a journey into self-discovery. 

Georges has undergone multiple transformative experiences encountering the rawness of nature and the inner self, and enjoys helping others find their own selves and truths.

Aside from his academic and entrepreneurial journey, Georges is currently working with his wife on the development of a transformational retreat centre in the Netherlands.

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